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Who Are We?

Welcome to the Mood and Behavior Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School! Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Liu and Dr. Taylor Burke, the overarching mission of our lab is to improve current knowledge of what puts certain youth and young adults at risk for suicide, non-suicidal self-injury, and depression, and to prevent these outcomes.

Specifically, our goals are: (i) to increase public awareness and understanding of these mental health issues; (ii) to understand the processes underlying risk for and resilience against these outcomes; (iii) to enhance our ability to predict who and when someone is at risk; and (iv) ultimately to prevent these negative health outcomes.

The Mood and
Behavior Lab

Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School

Our Ongoing Projects

A major goal of our work is to understand how to assess and treat youth at risk for depression and/or self-harm.

We are also interested in understanding why some children have more positive experiences in the weeks after they leave the hospital while others are at risk of having negative experiences, such as rehospitalization.

We hope our work will help treatment teams and families in the future plan care and maintain children’s safety after they leave the hospital.


Project STARS

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Project CARE


Project MARS

Project MOON



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Project Anchor

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Project SCIPS

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Project SPACE

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