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Learn about how to become a predoctoral clinical intern, postdoctoral fellow, clinical research coordinator, or volunteer in the lab. We encourage you to read more about the training and accomplishments of current and past lab members!

Mentorship Philosophy

Mentorship and professional development are core components of our lab mission. Lab members at all career stages have had active roles in cultivating these key aspects of our lab culture, by providing mentorship to more junior members of our group. Training goals are individualized, based on each person’s career stage, specific interests, and needs. We continue to be actively involved in our mentees’ professional development and remain a resource for them throughout their careers, long after they graduate from their mentee roles in our lab.

Our lab is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive for our team to reflect the diverse identities of our research participants and to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for people from different backgrounds, including racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and sexual orientations. We encourage individuals from underrepresented communities to apply to join our team and offer specific opportunities to support these individuals in their research and career development, including applying for training grants and researching understudied populations.

To learn more about our approaches to mentorship, check the following link:

Join our lab as a Predoctoral Intern or Postdoctoral Fellow!

Click this box for more information about training opportunities for predoctoral interns and postdoctoral fellows.

Join our lab as a Clinical Research Coordinator!

We are currently accepting applications for Clinical Research Coordinators. Click this box to learn more about the application process, as well as the training and opportunities that current and past lab members have received!

Volunteer in our lab!

Are you a current undergraduate student? Learn more about how to volunteer in our lab!

Graduate students interested in collaborating on papers for publication or completing a practicum through our hospital-based clinical research projects or by conducting empirically supported clinical intake and discharge evaluations with pediatric patients in a hospital setting are encouraged to contact Dr. Richard Liu or Dr. Taylor Burke about their interests and current opportunities.

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