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Work with us!

We are currently not accepting applications for postdoctoral scholars, clinical interns, or Clinical Research Coordinators. However, we encourage you to read more about the training and accomplishments of current and past lab members!

Prospective Clinical Interns & Postdoctoral Scholars

Clinical Psychology Internship Program at Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Click on the link to learn more about the CBT and child tracks

Relevant T32 Grants for Postdoctoral Scholars:

Stuart T. Hauser T32 Research Training Program in Biological and Social Psychiatry

Translational Neuroscience Training for Clinicians

Training Program in Comparative Effectiveness Research for Suicide Prevention

Please contact Drs. Liu and Burke in advance of preparing an application!

First-author papers by Research Assistants

Sanzari CM, Levin RY, Liu RT. Prevalence, predictors, and treatment of eating disorders in children: A national study. Psychological Medicine. In press.

Levin RY, Liu RT. Life stress, early maltreatment, and prospective associations with depression and anxiety in preadolescent children: A six-year, multi-wave study. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2021 278:276-279.

Walsh RFL, Sheehan AE, Liu RT. Suicidal thoughts and behaviors in preadolescents: Findings and replication in two population-based samples. Depression and Anxiety. 2021 38:48-56.

Cheek SM, Goldston DB, Erkanli A, Massing-Schaffer M, Liu RT. Social rejection and suicidal ideation and attempts among adolescents following hospitalization: A prospective study. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. 2020 48:123-133.

Sanzari CM, Liu RT. Temporal trends in treatment utilization for disordered eating among U.S. adolescents from 2004 through 2017: A nationally representative study. Journal of Adolescent Health. 2019 65:564-566.

Sheehan AE, Walsh RFL, Liu RT. Racial and ethnic differences in mental health service utilization in a nationally representative sample of suicidal adults. Journal of Psychiatric Research. 2018 107:114-119.

Walsh RFL, Sheehan AE, Liu RT. Prospective prediction of first lifetime onset of suicidal ideation in a national study of substance users. Journal of Psychiatric Research. 2018 107:28-33.

Trout ZM, Hernandez EM, Kleiman EM, Liu RT. Prospective prediction of first lifetime suicide attempts in a multi-site study of substance users. Journal of Psychiatric Research. 2017 84:35-40.

Cheek SM, Nestor BA, Liu RT. Substance use and suicidality: Specificity of substance use by injection to suicide attempts in a nationally representative sample of adults with major depression. Depression and Anxiety. 2016 33:541-548.

Hernandez EM, Trout ZM, Liu RT. Vulnerability-specific stress generation: Childhood emotional abuse and the mediating role of depressogenic interpersonal processes. Child Abuse Neglect. 2016 62:132-141.

Nestor BA, Cheek SM, Liu RT. Ethnic and racial differences in mental health service utilization for suicidal ideation and behavior in a nationally representative sample of adolescents. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2016 202:197-202.

Massing-Schaffer M, Liu RT, Kraines MA, Choi JY, Alloy LB. Elucidating the relation between childhood emotional abuse and depressive symptoms in adulthood: The mediating role of maladaptive interpersonal processes. Personality and Individual Differences. 2015 74:106-111.

National Science Foundation (NSF) grants awarded to lab alumni

Identifying physiological and behavioral indices of risk for negative outcomes in preadolescents following trauma exposure
PI: Rachel Levin

Using tDCS to clarify the neural underpinnings of binge-eating behaviors in obese teens
PI: Christina Sanzari

Temporal dynamics of acute stress and impulsivity as prospective predictors of risky behaviors in adults
PI: Ana Sheehan

Leveraging mobile health (mHealth) technologies to predict adolescent risky behavior
PI: Rachel Walsh

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